Social Anxiety Disorder And Mental Illness Essay

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Social anxiety disorder is categorized as a mild mental illness, difficult to recognize by family or diagnosed by doctors, and it is still questionable to consider it, socially or medically, a “legitimate” working disability. Also, depending on the person, it might develop into a severe chronic mental, emotional and physical disabling condition, often times underestimated and misunderstood. Social anxiety could justifiably impair the person’s daily functions, social routines and relationships. Individuals with SDA are more likely to be dependent, unemployed, and underemployed than those without the condition (Aderka et al., 2012).
In acute cases, social anxiety’s symptoms, according to the DMs may include extreme feelings of fear, self-consciousness and anxiety around people and could potentially make the person avoid outdoors, school, work, and relationships. Furthermore, social anxiety might predispose the comorbidity of other disorders, such as major depressive disorder increasing and adding more challenges and disabilities to the condition. (Aderka et al., 2012)
The Disability Determination Services as part of The Social Security Administration establishes and considers, among other requirements, the person’s eligibility for social security benefits, it’s based on factors such as what medical condition the person has, how that condition limits the person’s daily activities, and how it severely interferes with the person’s ability to work and its onset; therefore, can…

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