Social And Medical Models Of Disability Case Study

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The Social & Medical Models of Disability

Introduction: There are two main models of disability which are the medical model and the social model. ' 'Models of Disability are tools for defining impairment and, ultimately, for providing a basis upon which government and society can devise strategies for meeting the needs of disabled people '. (Models of Disability Michigan Disability Rights Coalition, (nd). Both of these models include insights into people 's perspective, how they communicate and illustrates how the society that will live in today can be made to make it a more accessible environment for them to live in. Due to many people in the world who have a mental or physical disability, it enables them to join in with society as
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'Under this model of disability, disabled people 's inability to join in society is seen as a direct result of having an impairment and not as the result of features of our society which can be changed '. (Social and Medical Models of Disability, (2016). The medical model is defined as a deficiency or an abnormality. It is demonstrated that it is the individual that has the problem. It is associated with psychology and it is focused on abnormal behavior. 'With the medical model, the 'problem ' is seen to lie with the person with the disability, so for example, a deaf person should learn to lip read because not many people know sign language '. (Flood, E . (2013) …show more content…
'This medical model approach is based on a belief that the difficulties associated with the disability should be borne wholly by the disabled person, and that the disabled person should make extra effort (perhaps in time and/or money) to ensure that they do not inconvenience anyone else. ' (The Social and Medical Model of Disability,(nd). In my opinion this statement is appalling as it is not the disabled persons fault that they are suffering with an intellectual or physical impairment. For the many people who have this type of disability it is extremely unfair to regard them of being capable to manage certain activities on their own as it may not seem like a colossal challenge to us but it is for them. Some of the mental disorders associated with this model of disability include, schizophrenia, depression and OCD. One of the biggest weakness of this model for many people is that they become very dependent on drug treatments to cure their problems although this isn 't the case, it only reduces their problems and can give people many side effects. 'The medical model has been the one that has been most influential in determining the way that mentally disturbed people are treated, but most psychologists would say that at best, it only provides a partial explanation, and may even be totally

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