Snow Leopards Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Despite these conditions the snow leopard is well suited for it. They have a well developed chest and short forelimbs with large paws that allow them to walk easily on the snow. Their padded paws keep their hands warm and allow them to move stealthily and gracefully to capture their prey. The snow leopards also have thick long fur which keeps them warm in their cold habitat. The fur also helps against the wind. The snow leopards tail is crucial for its survival. The tail helps keep the snow leopard balanced on the treacherous terrain of the mountains. They also use their tails to as blankets to cover the sensitive parts of their bodies. (Bailey, Jill) Snow Leopards have powerful legs and can leap as far as 50 feet. (Saving the Snow Leopard) The snow leopard has powerful claws and teeth that enable it to bring down its prey. Despite having powerful claws and teeth snow leopards like many other “man-eating” predators are not a huge threat to humans. They often leave them alone and are more scared of humans than we are of them However, people often attempt to kill snow leopards because in regions such as Nepal, snow leopards feast on peoples livestock. The snow leopard is an ideal hunter in its environment. It blends in well with the snow. It can move quickly, and stealthily. The snow leopard is a true wonder to …show more content…
Due to its extreme living conditions and solitary nature there is very little footage of snow leopards in the wild. However, when one watched the footage of snow leopard hunting they are sure to be blown away by its grace and beauty. To protect endangered species like the snow leopards we must also protect their habitat. It is the people among the snow leopards that are capable of becoming the best guardians. One of the most important things that people can do to help out is to become an advocate for these endangered animals. (Saving the Snow Leopard) In order to do that one must learn about the species. There is no better way to do this than visiting a snow leopard. There are 600 in zoos worldwide and 236 are found in the United States. (Bailey, Jill) Many of these zoos offer informative exhibits on their animals. This is a good opportunity to learn more from the experts. Many experts agree that the snow leopard serves as a sensitive indicator or barometer of a healthy mountain environment. (Bailey, Jill) If snow leopards are thriving that means there is plenty of vegetation and prey. (Saving the Snow Leopard) The snow leopard is being threatened by the quickly changing climate. Rising temperatures are forcing snow leopards to move higher in the mountains where there is less prey and the vegetation is scarce. (Saving the Snow

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