Snap Back Essay

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An idea that countless individuals ponder the answer to is what their futures might hold. What is their ultimate destiny? Unfortunately, there is no answer to such a meaningful question, but we can make choices that will hopefully lead to a bright ending. The same thought process can be applied when we are contemplating the future of our own country. Ultimately, our own future is associated with the future of the country because the different opportunities that arise are the same ones that are available to us. If the United States persist on its current path, in the coming decades it is going to eventually snap. According to Robert Reich, there are two different types of snap that can happen, snap back or snap break. I believe that the country will result in the most optimistic snap …show more content…
Before I go into what this means, it is important to realize where these outcomes originate from. The central idea resorts back to the heart of almost all of our previous discussion. Inequality is frequently the cause of the major conflicts in our country. The issue that Robert Reich talks about in his presentation is wealth and income inequality. Demonstrated by his charts, the gap between the top and bottom percentages of the social classes is continuing to widen. So much so, he believes that it will result in one of two snap outcomes. Because of the history of the United States, I believe that one outcome is more probable than the other. As defined by Robert Reich, snap back is the point where society reaches a certain threshold where it will do what is necessary to solve the issues. The state of society becomes too intolerable that something must be done. I believe that this type of snap will happen in the United States because there have been similar cases like this in the past. While people have given

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