Smoking Cigarettes Should Not Be Safer Essay

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Addiction is a very present problem when it comes to smoking cigarettes. Most people know someone who is fighting this day to day battle. Each person may choose to deal with his or her addiction to cigarettes differently. The problem is that there aren’t many safer options to choose from.
One of the most popular choices to help aid with smoking cigarettes is smokeless tobacco. It is implied that smokeless tobacco is a safer source of nicotine. Even though it is considered to be a “safer” alternative to smoking, it can still have a devastating impact on the consumer’s body. A few negative effects that are commonly associated with smokeless tobacco are oral cancer, oropharyngeal cancer, heart disease, and pancreatic cancer. These are some of the main reasons why I believe smokeless tobacco should not be considered as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. This product is made to help cease the activity of smoking and diminish the amount of negative side effects through providing a safer alternative, but it could actually cause the consumer to indulge in dual use of the products.
Adrienne B Mejia states in her unpublished data during 2009, Through increased use and new uptake, smokeless tobacco promotion may actually lead to an increase in tobacco related harm at the population level. (p.315)
When a smoker adds the weight of the negative effects of using smokeless tobacco on top of the negative effects of smoking, the threat to their health becomes more extreme. There…

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