Essay on Smoking Cigarettes Can Cause The Human Body

1780 Words Feb 5th, 2016 null Page
There are a lot of people out there that smoke cigarettes. Whether it is daily or just once in awhile. Then there 's a group of people that don 't know that smoking cigarettes can cause to the human body. Cigarette smoking is such a common thing to see all around us. We see it in adults, teens, and even young kids. Throughout my High School career, I have seen that we have all encountered the option to smoke, whether it 's at parties or even our households. It is all around us. What a lot of those smokers don 't realize is the effect that it is causing to their bodies. The reason why I choose this topic is because I see that there are a lot of smokers that don 't know what they are smoking. Yes, they know its tobacco, but they don 't know what else is in that cigarette. I have family members that smoke and I can see how much they have change throughout the years not only mentally but physically as well. I feel like they don 't understand the damages that it can do or it has already done to their body. It is not just in them that these changes can be seen, it 's seen in almost every smoker. I know that this is a tough topic to cover because a lot of people have different opinions of it and were not all going to be on the same page. My goal is not only to inform people the effect that smoking can cause, but also to try and persuade people to not pick up a cigarette or to even try to get them to stop smoking. By showing them all the information that I gather, hopefully it…

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