Smoking And Drinking Alcohol As Teenagers Essay

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Individuals usually start smoking and drinking alcohol as teenagers (Clark, Doyle, & Clincy, 2013). While numerous studies have analysed the ages when individuals first smoke a cigarette or have an alcoholic beverage (Clark et al., 2013; Hingson, Heeren, Levenson, Jamanka, and Voas, 2002; Sutfin et al. 2015), little research has been done on the relationship between the two variables. This study aims to assess the relationship between the age when one first smokes a cigarette and the age when one first has an alcoholic drink. Since having a first cigarette usually precedes having a first alcoholic beverage (Clark et al., 2013), this study will test whether we can accurately predict the age of one 's first alcoholic beverage form the age when one had their first cigarette.

The existing literature does not examine the correlation between the age when someone has their first cigarette to the age when one has an alcoholic drink for the first time. However, there are studies that look at each age individually. Through these studies, we can infer a predictive relationship between the age when one first smokes a cigarette and when one first drinks an alcoholic beverage.
Hingson et al. (2002) investigated the "age of drinking onset" (p. 85), and whether the age affects one 's likelihood to "report drunk driving and alcohol-related crash involvement" (p.85). Hingson et al. (2002) used data from 42, 862 survey respondents for their analysis. Of those respondents, 65% had ever…

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