Two Global Human Activities Essay

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Two Global Human Activities and How they Create Smog

Two Global Human Activities and How they Create Smog
Commuting by automobile everyday for work or other human activities may be an average recurrence in the American society but all of the convenience in arriving on schedule comes with a sacrifice, air pollution. Agriculture is also human necessity that releases vast amount of nitrous oxides that help create smog or air pollution; agriculture and transportation are the two human activities that create smog. Transportation directly relies on the burning of fossil fuels which affects the air quality of all areas and more effectively on densely populated areas. Different forms of transportation also affect air quality as well including
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Acid rain can cause the same health issues as smog because smog creates acid rain but acid rain has the extra impact of being able to clear forests by “ the substance dissolving all the nutrients out of soil or by releasing aluminum into soil making it hard for plants to absorb water”(EPA). Acid rain is not only harming wildlife and human beings but also buildings , monuments and more recently the paint on newer model cars. Many auto companies are claiming “that their [newer paint] is susceptible to marring by acid rain(New York Times)”, meaning that many people will have to start paying out hundreds to the repair of their car paint due to acid rain damage.
To prevent health, environmental, and weather the majority sources must be minimized. What the graph, “Human Sources of Nitrous Oxide”, by suggests the intergovernmental panel on Climate change is the agriculture is the number one air polluter or nitrous oxides by viewing the large margin of blue cultivating the blue pie graph. The EPA actually had the same number for agriculture annually thus validating or confirming the claim that agriculture is the biggest problem via second opinion of

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