Smells Like Teen Spirit Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… One thing the article lacks is more in depth discussion around grunge music.
The section of this book outlines the most important elements of sound for Nirvana’s performance along with detailed descriptions and comparisons of each of their songs in a live performance in 1990. These were both the two sounds Kurt Cobain was responsible for; guitar and vocals.
Cobain’s vocal range is discussed in detail with a technical use of language by having ‘ a wide timbral and dynamic range from which to choose’, along with the ability to support an overdriven voice for long periods of time while maintaining the timbre of his voice. For the reader, various technical terms are explained. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is used as an example of how Cobain demonstrates his vocals shift in line with guitar from ‘a conventional, relatively pure, vocal sound during the verses, to a heavily overdriven, almost screaming sound during the chorus.
This section also compares Nirvana’s two drummers Channing and Grohl, and how Grohl’s style is “brighter and higher because of the cymbal work, and yet harder because of the explosive snare sound. “
It just lacks an overall discussion regarding the grunge sound and only focuses on Nirvana’s specific

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