Essay about Smartphones

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Adrianna Thompson
English 111
Essay 3
Thursday, November 20th, 2014
Positive Impact of Smart phones
Modern day smartphones have made one of the largest impacts on human lives. There are so many outstanding features that have us wondering what we would do without them. Your whole life is at the touch of your fingertip. Smartphones have made lives of people easier and much more comfortable. Smartphones have everything from texting to checking the weather, reminders, music, surfing the web and, entertainment! It is unbelievable the incredible features you receive from something so small and delicate. Now we can never imagine ourselves without them! Smartphones allow you to do so many thing on them; so lets take some time to talk about a
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The quick communications a smartphone provides us also allows families to stay connected especially due to the geographic differences and long distances. Communicating has become much more comfortable; if you do not want to call your professor, you are able to avoid the awkward small talk and text them. Communication is the number one factor why people buy cellphones. Everyone wants the easiest, fastest way to get in contact with others. That is why communication has evolved into so much more than just calling.
A major aspect that has evolved other than cellphones is photography in smartphones. We have a literal global network of camera operators with the ability to capture breath taking moments, newsworthy events and transmit useable photos. You may experience an amazing view or event and you want to share it with the world. No worries, modern day smartphones have given humans access to an outstanding digital camera inside of their phone; and have allowed humans to share the photo in only a few seconds. Along with the crisp focus and crystal clearness there are multiple filters and effects that applications provide us to enhance our photographs.
Technology is advancing by leaps and bonds, and has given humans high-powered communication gadgets. Humans are more satisfied than even with the comfort and speed smartphones provide. Smartphones assist on productivity, effective time usage and energy efficiency. With the help of our smartphones we are able to save

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