Smartphone Technology And Its Effects On The Christian Environment

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Smartphone Technology and its Effects on the Christian Environment

Smartphones has provided people with push and pull technology that allows them to receive mounds of information like breaking news alerts, urgent messages from children, and video messages to long distance family members. Along with the positives of smartphone technology there are negatives also that follow. Convenience, the key factor behind most of the features offered through smartphones, is tempting users to use their phones where they shouldn’t such as the car or at the dinner table. Smartphones are keeping kids and teenagers glued to the couch when they could be outside playing with the gifts of nature. Hede (2013) says smartphones causes us to be less aware and more distracted (pg. 125), which has proven true time and time again with cellphone related car accidents. Smartphones have also unfortunately provided a gateway to online bullying and jealousy amongst children and teenagers. Christians must use this technology responsibly so as to not over indulge and neglect their everyday surroundings. This paper will discuss the positive and negative impacts smartphone technology has placed on society in addition to what it means as a Christian to use it and the various ways of how it can be used from a Christian’s perspective.
Smartphones have technically been around since the nineties, but it wasn’t until January of 2007 that the world was introduced to advanced smartphone technology with the…

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