What Is Meant By Agonist In Muscle Pairs

What is meant by “agonist and antagonist muscle pairs”? Give an example What is meant by agonist in muscle pairs is that it does the majority of the workload in an exercise and is considered the prime mover (primarily responsible for movement). The antagonist in respect to the agonist counteracts. The antagonist helps allow the agonist to perform a task. An example could be the biceps brachii contracts when doing elbow flexion. While the antagonist would be the triceps brachii relaxing during elbow flexion. 2. List and describe the five properties of skeletal muscle that play a role in how muscles are named. Location of the muscle Anterior, posterior in respect to a bone for example tibialis anterior or tibialis posterior Direction of the muscle …show more content…
2. What are two important roles of the stretch reflex? The two important roles of the stretch reflex is to detect muscle length and second to prevent injuries. 3. As a kind of tension detection device for the muscle system, what protective role do GTOs play? GTOs play an important protective role for the muscle system since they sense changes in muscle tension. Because of this they can protect the muscle from excessive tension by causing the muscle to relax thus prevent injury and damage of muscles. Essay Questions 1. The sliding filament theory is how muscles are able to create force when having the thick (myosin) filaments slide past the thin (actin) filaments during muscle contraction overlapping in ratchet-like manner, this causes the sarcomere to contract, while staying at the same length. Nerve impulse causes the release of Ca+2 enabling the myosin bridges to bind with actin. 2. The proprioceptor system plays an indispensable role in bodily movement because what causes the amount that a muscle contracts, at what time for a muscle to relax and how to have the muscles coordinate are all because

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