Sleep Is The Safe Haven Essay

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Sleep. As children, we often loathe it. As adults, we often crave it. All of us, however, require it. Sleep is built into the very essence of both our psychological and physiological existence. Ideally, it is the foundation upon which we start our days. It is the safe haven that we return to at night. Without it, we begin to feel unorganized, disassociated, fatigued. This is because our bodies are governed by natural cadences called the circadian rhythm. BOOK 87 Our natural world operates predictably and rhythmically: poppies bloom in the morning, birds migrate with the seasons, and the sun rises and sets in 24-hour intervals. Our natural bodies are no different. They long to move with the earths natural pattern of light and dark. The superchiasmatic nucleus, a sort of master clock that resides deep in the brains hypothalamus, keeps time by measuring the bright light (or lack thereof) seen by the eyes. It uses this information to align the body 's functions with the outside world, a phenomenon known as circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythms influence nearly every part of our being, including our body temperature, hormone release, and organ movement. ARTICLE From our mind, to our muscles, to our metabolism, these carefully balanced operations allow the body to rest optimally and function properly when awake. For eons, our ancestors operated in a way consistent with their biology. They rose with the sun and slept with the darkness, letting their superchiasmatic nucleus do its…

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