Slavery vs Indentured Servant Term Paper

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jh------------------------------------------------- Matthew Parks
History 102
Treatment of slaves and indentured servants
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During review of advertisements for runaway slaves and indentured servants the disparity between education levels of people who fell within both classifications can be seen. For instance, within many advertisements for indentured servants reference to their trade is given which provides insight into the education of these people as well as reveals a motive of the master to get their worker back. For instance, in an article which referenced a runaway indentured servant and his wife, mention is made to the fact that the man is a brick maker who has a set of shoemaker tools. The mention gives value to the trade as well as to the fact that this man has tools which can help him be successful in another trade. These references motivate someone to understand the stature these people hold in relation to other indentured servants and slaves (FOOTNOTE). Also, many advertisements mention the indentured servant’s good use of the English language while many slaves were described as not speaking English very clearly. This mention describes the disparity between the two classes and can be a factor within the perceived intelligence level between the two groups.
The difference between the economic status of indentured servants and slaves can be determined by reviewing references to things such as articles of clothing present in runaway

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