Slavery As A Form Of Slavery Essay

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Slavery was not originally decided on skin color, nor was it coined by British settlers. No country was originally looking to enslave savage foreigners. In fact, a form of slavery similar to Serfdom already existed in Europe by the time Africa was discovered. It was much different compared to the idea of slavery we hold today. This type of slavery offered freedom in exchange for services instead of being bound to a lifelong ownership. Marriage, land owning, and the ability to have slaves of their own were all granted to these slaves. Aside from working for someone else, they were almost like the average working class. Even after the discovery of Africa, the belief that those who were dark skinned were doomed to serve for the rest of their lives was not decided upon. The idea of slavery that we now know was developed over a few hundred years of black servitude. Arriving in Africa was only the beginning.
The focus of arriving in Africa was to explore, find new routes, and most importantly, discover gold. The idea of taking Africans from their home country was not even started by the British. The section “Europeans Come to Western Africa” credits the first arrival to Africa by the Portuguese. These explorers were allowed to set up trade posts along the coast to trade resources and eventually slaves. Africans were captured and kidnapped in raids, forcibly taken from their tribes to be exchanged for items such as weapons and materials. The section “The African Salve Trade and the…

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