Essay about Slavery And The Middle Passage

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It is no secret that the people of the Caribbean are resilient. Caribbean countries have had to deal with hurricanes, earthquakes, epidemics and scores ailments that could break any society. We have, however, persevered and often times the world questions how we are able to experience atrocities and perilous times so severe and still survive as a region. Perhaps the answer to this question can be found in the pages of our history books and the oral reports passed down from our ancestors of the unshakable resilience of our people. The truth is, with research, one would find that, despite various efforts to restrain enslaved blacks, the Africans resisted slavery. Resistance of slavery found itself in many different forms. There was resistance from the Africans on the Middle passage, Cultural resistance, Maroonage and of course, revolt and rebellion. Every type of resistance worked together to successfully diminish slavery in the Caribbean.
The Middle Passage
Slavery in the Caribbean led to much restraint by the Europeans on the Africans. First, Africans were taken from their homelands and sailed to the Americas on slave ships. They were cramped onto tiny boats where they were shackled and forced to sit in very tight spaces, in sweltering heat. They also had to sit in their own faeces and urine and the faeces of others. Because of this maltreatment, many Africans died of diseases on the ships. One famous occurrence of this was on the slave ship, the Zong. According to…

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