Sky Air Case Study Essay

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Sky Air Inc.: Business Ethics Case
Brock A. Reeves
University of St. Thomas

Summary of the Case Study Sky Air Inc. was an airline with its head office in Idaho Falls. It came into being in 1986. Its founder, Samuel Kaplan, was once an air force mechanical engineer. Apart from his engineering background, Mr. Kaplan was also a talented golf player. Having been born and brought up in Idaho Falls, Kaplan found out that there was a gap in the airline industry there. He believed that the region needed an extra carrier bearing in mind that the only airline, Vixenne Air, was performing poorly. Other problems related to the services offered by Vixenne Air included ineffective services to the customers and violations of the air safety
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In such an instance, they should identify any other alternatives that may help them get the desired results or wait and discuss other options. However, the results should be in line with business ethics. They should always conform to the laws of the land in the decision-making process (Tencati and Perrini, 2011). One of the major mistakes that the two parties; Mr. Kaplan and Ms. Simms make is failure to identify an alternative. Neither one had proper negotiation skills applicable to commercial transactions. They failed to find alternatives when they did not agree in the case. Ms. Simms was too rigid to explain her offer while Mr. Kaplan pondered without seeking a second opinion.
Business ethics refers to good conduct that is fair in a commercial environment. It is important for an entrepreneur to be sensitive when offering goods and services to their clients. It is wrong for them to overcharge or undercut their customers. Moreover, they should have good negotiation skills when they wish to have their proceeds added by a buyer. It could be a fact that Thyestean Ventures’ offer was too low for 30%, bearing in mind that Sky Air Inc. was a well-established firm. Similarly, the buyer is a well-established venture capital business. Mr. Kaplan’s sales skills were unsatisfactory. He was not able to communicate why there was an increment value in Sky Air. For that

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