Sizwe Bansi Demonstrates the Imperative for the Black Person in South Africa to Be an “Actor” to Present an Enforcedly “Acceptable” Mask to His or Her White Masters' (Crow). Discuss the Relationship Between Acting and

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Sizwe Bansi demonstrates the imperative for the black person in South Africa to be an “actor” to present an enforcedly “acceptable” mask to his or her white masters' (crow). Discuss the relationship between acting and identity in two plays on the course.

Identity and acting are massive themes within both Sizwe Bansi Is Dead and Death And The Kings Horseman. In both plays, the black people are enforced by the whites to behave in a certain way. Some do this In order to live an easy life or for other reasons such as survival or to provide for there families, but some resist by retaining there cultural values, or revolting. But the relationship between acting and identity is of great importance, as within both books there is resistance and
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Whereas the main symbol of retaining ones identity in Sizwe Bansi Is Dead, is not as much a cultural thing, but of a personal thing. But I believe it symbolises the overall retaining of identity and refusal to 'act' for the white man. It is The scene in which Bantu tells Sizwe he is going to have to take the identity of the dead man in order to better his chances of being 'successful' and to stay in Port Elizabeth. Sizwe changing his identity is him having to act as another man, change his identity in order to survive under the white man’s rule. His resistance to this is a symbol for his resistance to the enforced identity, him reading out his new NI number signifies the acceptance of the necessity to act as another man to be acceptable under white law, it shows the fact that a black man needs to act in order to survive. It shows that being ones native self is not good enough during the apartheid, it shows they have to act., which is symbolises through acting as another man. Whereas in Death And The Kings

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