Six Characteristics Of Civilization Essay

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A civilization is differed as an advanced society that excels in all six of the characteristics that a civilization most contain. The six characteristics of a civilization are government, social structure, region, culture, written language and cities.

one of the most notorious of civilization of ancient times was ancient Egypt. ancient Egypt is a perfect example of a civilization well before its times. its civilization lasted over 4000 years and impacted numerous civilization of its time and today. It demonstrated all six characteristics of a civilization.

A government is a group of people who control and make decisions for a country in hopes to maintain order and ancient Egypt had exactly that. Ancient Egypt’s government was lead by
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All societies in the ancient wold had a social structure, in Egypt peasant farmers were the majority of the population. They worked on the lands of the pharaoh, ample and nobles families. The nobles were land owner and where at the top of the food chain if you exclude the royal family. A woman 's status as that equal to the nobles, they had all the privileges such as being able to own land, make contracts, receive inheritance and if selected could become the high priestess. the only restrictions were positions of the public …show more content…
What we found to be of most value to the Egyptians were there Reliefs, tomb paintings and objects found in tombs. Egyptians believed in a afterlife and so the dead were mummified and bared with ordinary and luxury items including art to enjoy in the afterlife. a relief is a work of art found in tombs and often depicted spells to help one reach the underworld safely. Art has changed little senses ancient times, Egypt 's art is rigid, two demential and colorful and in tombs they often display senses of there everyday life giving us a good look of culture.

Written language is a method of human communications consisting of the use of words in a structured way. Hieroglyphs dates back to 3000 B.C, it represented words and sound, and can change there meaning depending on the cottoned it is used. Hieroglyphs are found in monuments, temple, tombs and in recored depicting the stories of gods and men.

A new form of literature came to pass, it was called hieratic. Scribes often wrote in hieratic because, senses it was cursive it was fast to write with. Poetry, proverbs, spell and curses, instructional and medical text, myths and legends were found in hieratic. Towards the end Ancient Egyptian civilization, around 650 B.C a form called Demotic became the come language used probably due to its phonetic and semi-alphabetical

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