Situational Theory And Leadership Theory Essays

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In regards to situational theory, leaders must differentiate their managing approach in

present day society in order to accommodate all circumstances (Mumford, 2011). Groups

and people work their best when administrators and directors exhibit adaptable managing

styles (Mumford, 2011). The situational theory claims that for administrators to be really

effective, they should modify the way they manage their groups, to satisfy a couple of

considerations: How capable an individual or staff is with an assignment and the level of

experience of the job assigned in situational leadership theory is that leaders more or less

put emphasis on the job and more or less emphasis on the authorization with the people

they are managing, contingent on what is required to get the task finished satisfactorily

(Mumford, 2011).

Conversely, contingency theory takes a wider interpretation that comprises

conditional issues regarding administrator competence and additional changes in the

situation. contingency theory recommends that a supervisor must be compatible to a task

that is equivalent to his or her managerial approach. Contingency is essentially a

character philosophy. In other words, it presumes that the administrator’s character set

and is hard to modify (Seyranian, 2012).

Inside the contingency theory the framework is decided as one of the other, positive

or negative by assessment of three relating components: The supervisor’s rapport with


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