Single Sex Schools Have A Positive Impact On A Student 's Learning

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A popular educational debate focuses on whether single sex public schools have a positive impact on a student’s learning. Single sex schools have shown positive effects for both boys and girls and have helped their education enormously by reducing distractions in the classroom, allowing teachers to adapt to gender-based learning styles, and eliminating gender stereotypes. According to Leonard Sax, the popularity of single sex schools has been increasing since it’s introduction in the 1990s, when only 3 single sex public schools were available in the United States. Today, however, there are about 500 public single sex schools available (“Learning Separately”). Single sex schools have provided an abundance of positive effects for both boys and girls.
Single sex schools provide fewer distractions and prevent peer pressure, thereby allowing students to perform to their full potential. Students can learn better without the continuous distraction of the opposite sex. For instance, boys are more likely to act out, cause a commotion, and disrupt the class, and often times, their classmates encourage the disruptive behavior. However, studies show that boys, who would be very distracting in co-ed schools, are more inclined to follow their interests and thrive in all boy schools (“Research Spotlight on Single-Gender Education”). Furthermore, students won’t be intimidated by the opposite sex and will be able to pursue their interests. In her article, “Co-educational Schools are Bad for…

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