Essay on Single Sex Classrooms : A Positive And Negative Aspects

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Jennifer Medina, in her article “Boys and Girls Together, Taught Separately in Public School” presents the positive and negative aspects that single-sex classes, students of one gender will be in a class together, have at Public School 140. According to the National Association for Single-Sex Public Education, Public School 140, which started as an experiment in 2008, was among 445 widespread schools that were examining the effects of separation students depend on their gender. Some critics of single-sex classrooms argue that single-sex education is risky because it does not improve the test scores for some grades such as fifth grade and it might reinforce gender stereotypes. On the other hand, Jennifer Medina states the positive sides of the single-sex classes such as the children will become a better adult by investigating the opinion of the teachers and students. Although she addresses both sides, she eventually proponents the benefits of the single-sex education more than the disadvantages of this system.

The purpose of the article is to inform the reader about the positive aspects of single-sex classrooms in Public School 140. The author attains this by focusing on the behavioral and the test scores of the students. For instance, Jennifer Medina quoted Mr. Cannon and his teachers who said that they noticed a lowering in fighting and discipline issues. Also, she quoted the teacher’s opinions in Public School 140 who support the single-sex classrooms. According to the…

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