Single Parent Adoption Case Study

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Single people should be able to adopt as easily as a married couple. More than 423,000 children are in the foster care system and nearly 115,000 of them are available for adoption(Thomas). In 1970 you would have been automatically turned down if you wanted to adopt, while you were single. In the last 20 years there has been a sizeable increase in the number of single parent adoptions. The laws that stop singles from being able to adopt are shrinking the pool of qualified adoptive parents, so less kids have the option of getting adopted. People may say that a two parent home is more likely to provide both male and female role models, financial stability and support. Which could be true, but as long as a single person can meet the state’s qualifications for adoption and successfully complete the adoption home study and background check, you should be able to adopt. A child can be a blessing, bring happiness and meaning to a person as well as to the child, which is one of the many reasons why a single person should be able to adopt as easy as a married couple. Single parent adoption statistics indicate that single parent kids grow up to be as happy and successful as children adopted by couples. Some people strongly want kids, whether they are married or not. Some have no desire to marry, but do know that they want kids …show more content…
If that parent can provide for that child than they should be able to have that child. That kid could have some difficulties but everyone does in a way and that parent could be there to help them. It is better for a child to be in any kind of long term, loving family whether it is big or small than to be in a bad family or a foster care system. There are way too many kids up for adoption, it is expensive and they already have strict rules. If you can meet all the rules and needs to be able to adopt, then you should be able to whether you are single or

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