Single Household Usage : Attic Wind Turbine Electricity Generation

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Off Grid for Single Household Usage: Attic Wind Turbine Electricity Generation

Abstract- This research paper presents a small attic wind turbine system consists of 120 Volt Direct Current, 2500 rpm, 60 Watts generator which is attached to the rooftop ventilator wind turbine. When the ventilator turbine rotates at a low current wind speed, the generator produces DC voltage high enough to charge to the 12 Volt, 125 Ampere hour batteries bank for household appliances or lighting usage. The prototype generator testing is carried out in electrical machines laboratory at CSULB to determine the characteristics of the output voltage with the artificial wind speed produce by the electric fan. Based on the results, the energy output voltage can reach up to 45.8400 Volt without a load, and 20 Volt when connected to a 100 Ohm purely resistive load at the speed of 100 rpm. Further results after installing the generator on the rooftop of a building to charge the 12 Volt batteries bank, the minimum wind speed is required from 2 to 8m⁄s. Additionally, the prototyped of the attic wind turbine generator is fairly small and low cost to be built. After the prototype has been built and tested, the system has been proving to give a reasonable output for practical use.


Wind energy is one of a few forms of future energy sustainability source because it is a renewable energy, and is abundant comparing to the fossil fuel or nuclear fission. Moreover, wind power produces zero…

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