Essay on Sin And Salvation : Sin Or Salvation

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Sin and Salvation
The problem of sin is that humankind has a sinful nature and we all will fall into sin during times in our Christian life. No one is exempt from sin and it is the devil’s purpose to try to find our weak areas and to tempt us to sin. Once we have sinned, it opens up the door for other sins. Sin is like a gateway drug that leads to other sins. Despite our faults, God offers to take our sin to the cross by allowing his only son Jesus to die for us. The Christian Reader, and the Holy Bible add several reassuring messages to us about sin not stopping us from salvation. The problem with sin and the hope of Salvation can be understood through The Christian Theology Reader 5.17 text, “I reply that a proper satisfaction comes about when someone offers to the person offended something which gives him a delight greater than his hatred of the offense.” Even though our offense is full of destruction to our lives and God does not approve of it, He unconditional loves us and that love is far greater than our sin ever could be. God offered to take away our sins by allowing Jesus to die on the cross for us before we were even born. Justification can be further understood by The Christian Theology Reader 6.38 text, “There is no doubt that we obtain justification in the sight of God only by the intercession of the righteousness of Christ.” Jesus dying for us was the ultimate way to show His love and grace despite our sins. Justification can also be shown in…

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