Similarities Of Dna And RNA

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DNA and RNA are both very significant because they each have a function within the cell. DNA’s role in the cell contains and stores genetic information in order to have the functions of living things. The role of RNA consists of three parts, mRNA which manages the assembly of proteins through the ribosomes. Then, uses transfer RNA (tRNA) by transferring the amino acids to ribosomes. The final step is rRNA, where the amino acids join together to form proteins. This specific video of DNA and RNA is related to the chapters that were discussed in our lecture because DNA and RNA are involved in things such as transcription and translation, as well as the structure and function of DNA and RNA.
DNA and RNA contain similarities, but there are also
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DNA is produced of deoxyribose sugar and has a double stranded helical bond, whereas RNA is formulated of a Ribose sugar and is single stranded. DNA and RNA both have different nucleotide bases. RNA is composed of a single polymer nucleotide chain, DNA is composed of two polynucleotide chains. DNA is a complementary base pair, meaning that Adenine always pairs with Thymine, and Cytosine is always paired with Guanine. DNA and RNA both consist of a base pair that are different from each other. The fourth base that is in DNA that differs from RNA is Thymine. RNA’s fourth base that is different from DNA is …show more content…
Based upon this article, the sperm DNA in males is a very important contributor based on the transfer process of genetic information that is contained. The sperm that is attainable to males, much of the DNA is destroyed, resulting in the male sperm to be impotent. Unfortunately, the precise action has still not been accomplished. The authors in this article came to the conclusion that one of the reasons for the DNA damage is in the miRNA, which is a noncoding RNA molecule that is small in size during the process of spermatogenesis. Spermatogenesis is when the sperm in males is produced in the stem cells through mitosis and meiosis. Also, the imbalance of the miRNA could very much influence the DNA double helical bond, breaking during the formation of

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