Similarities Between Tim Burton And Edward Scissorhands

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Tim Burton is very well known throughout the globe for his films. He has a way of portraying gothic, awkward, dark and ironic qualities in his creations. The art of Tim Burton makes you stop and think for a second, it is surprising what can be behind the idea of something so small, with so much meaning. He expresses these qualities in greater depth, with the cinematic techniques music/sound, lighting/color and framing/angles. Such as, in the films “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” and “Edward Scissorhands.”
Burton uses music/sound in intense or delicate scenes for you to compose anxious and satisfying feelings on what you're witnessing in the scene. The ghastly or enlightening music and images gives us (audience) the sense that something
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Lighting/color plays a significant role in his films because it expresses the mood of the scene. In one of his films called “Edward Scissorhands” the scene is mixed between low-key and high-key lighting. Where high-key lighting indicates cheerfulness and happiness and low-key lighting expresses dark and sinister settings. For example, in the scene of the film “Edward Scissorhands”, when Edward first arrives at Peg’s house, everything is so bright and colorful, which makes Edward stand out even more since he is dressed in black and white. He seems like he would be the antagonist, but in the end he is the one with the biggest, kind and loving heart. Whereas, the people dressed in bright, innocent clothes are the worst and most rude people, which is ironic. Another example might be in the film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” where the lighting in Charlie’s house is very dark, depressing and creepy looking. Who would think such a kindhearted, loving family would be living in that type of house. Which again shows how ironic Tim Burton’s style is. One other scene that distinguishes lighting is in the film “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.” When Charlie enters the Candy store the lighting expresses excitement and happiness, although once he found the golden ticket in the candy shop, the lighting kind of dimmed when the greedy people who were standing near him offered

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