Similarities Between The Great Gatsby And Of Mice And Men

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The American dream can be very different depending on the person. Some believe that the American dream is the pursuit of happiness through wealth. Other believes that it’s just if you work hard and achieve something with their life, regardless of wealth it might bring them. With the American dream people are born equal, and have the equal opportunity to make something better with their life. The American dream makes it possible for a person to do anything they want as long as they work hard for it and have the ambition. The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck are two story amazing novels that tell the story of people chasing their idea of the American dream.

The novel, The Great Gatsby, tells the story
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The book starts off by George and Lennie going to a ranch, where they will began working. It 's later revealed that the reason they had to leave their old ranch because Lennie got into trouble there. Lennie is a very big, strong man, but he is handicapped in the mind causing him to act like a child. His aunt asked George if he could watch after him. George and Lennie are very close, and George is often protective of Lennie; because George is so protective and Lennie being handicap, when they arrive at the new branch George does a most of the talking. Old Candy, one of the workers, introduces them to everybody. Two of them that they meet is Curly, who is the boss 's son, and Curly 's wife. George warns lennie to stay away from Curley 's wife, who is very flirtatious towards all the men in their bunk house. George and Lennie start working with Slim; which leads to George and Slim developing a friendship. When Curly accuses Slim for messing with his wife, they begin to argue. Once Curly realizes he is in the wrong, he tries to apologize, but Slim does not accept it. Curly still angry tries to take it out on Lennie. Lennie at first scared, eventually listens to George (who was telling him to fight back) and defends himself by crushing Curly’s hand. Lennie is easily upset, so when he crushed Curlys hand he feels…… When Lennie is upset George tells him their the plan: work hard at this ranch, so they can earn money for their own ranch. The next night George and the rest of the workers go out, leaving Linnie at the ranch. Lennie, lonely, goes and visits Crooks, the black stable-hand. While he is in Crooks’ room, Curlys wife comes to ask where everyone is, but she is distracted by the cuts on Lennie, and she assumes that 's how Curly crushed his hand. When the men arrive home George, once again, tells lennie to stay away from Curly’s wife. The next day Lennie

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