How Did George Kill Lennie

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George made the right decision by shooting Lennie Because. George did not want Lennie to suffer for what curly had in store for him so think of Lennie death as a mercy kill fast and less suffering also if George wouldn't have shot Lennie he could get tortured in many different ways. But most people say that George and Lennie should have run away instead of killing Lennie.

My first reason that George should have taken Lennie life is that first of all. If Lennie had tried to escape with George both of the men would be considered wanted so it would be hard to have any type of job or place to live because their reputation would be murderers, But George thought that running away would be a bad idea so he did not want Lennie to deal with all this so he took his life. And also if the two of them had been caught their punishments would be awful ranging from Lennie getting Lynched to executed so that why George had to take Lennie's life because he did not want him to go through those punishments.

Corresponding from my first reason my second reason that George had to shoot Lennie is Because. Running away would make matters worse for the both of the men I say this because word would
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There's no telling what Curly had in mind for Lennie if they caught him,and would result in Lennie having to suffer for his accidental murder in one of the passages in ‘of mice and men’ it says that curly was going to shoot Lennie in the gut which could lead to a painful and slow death so I could see why George had to shoot Lennie because he didn’t want him to die knowing he wasn't going to be able to tend the rabbits and George would have felt guilty for allowing Curly to make Lennie suffer so he had to do it there is no if, and's, or buts about this if it wasn't for George taking Lennie's life he could not live with himself and what Curly's would have done would scar

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