Similarities Between The American And The Back Settlers Essay

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Similarities Between the American and the Back Settlers
Philip Slater and Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur have both created works that accurately depict the attitude and actions of their respective subjects. Slater devotes an entire parable to describe the actions of a man dubbed the “American” (xxii) in his best-selling book, The Pursuit of Loneliness (1970). Prior to writing this best-seller, Slater graduated from Harvard University and became a professor of sociology. Alternatively, Crèvecoeur dedicates a few paragraphs in Letters from an American Farmer in order to precisely show exactly what “back settlers” (71) are, how they act in society, and why. Before writing his book, Crèvecoeur was a French writer and a naturalist. He immigrated to Canada and worked as a surveyor in the French and Indian War, and later journeyed to America in the eighteenth century to work as a farmer. Consequently, while there are obvious differences between the American and the back settlers, there are also qualities and traits that are extremely similar between the two that define the American personality.
In The Pursuit of Loneliness by Philip Slater, he describes an American as a man who is arrogant, selfish, and does not take responsibility for his own actions. However, he is also intuitive, intelligent, and self-sufficient. In the parable, a man leaves his home to live alone in the woods because he “sought escape from the prattle of his neighbors” (xxii). Once he has begun living in the…

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