Similarities Between Racism In Crash And From Rez Life

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The perception that only some races are guilty of racism is flawed and ironically in itself racist. Racism is an inherent part of the human persona, and has plagued human society since the beginning of civilization. In “Models of American Ethnic Relations”, George Frederickson discusses four distinct models of ethnic relations: cultural pluralism, one-way assimilation, group separatism, and ethnic hierarchy. In the cases of the film “Crash” and the passage “From Rez
Life”, this perception of racism within models in ethnic relations is acknowledged and analyzed with some similarities between the two works, however there are also some differences in the portrayal of relationships between American ethnic relations and racism.
One similarity between
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“From Rez Life”, Treuer discusses a small Indian reservation school which is taught entirely in the local tribe’s native language. This practice is preserving Indian culture and resisting one-way assimilation. “Crash”, on the contrary, focuses solely on the problems with race relations in
America, not the solutions. “From Rez Life” argues for the value of native-language preservation as a method of repairing divided race relations, while “Crash” focuses solely on awareness of the race issue.
Ultimately, it is revealed in “Crash” and “From Rez Life” that all four ethnic models are present in one way or another in American society, however the two works at some points vary in how they address this issue. Both films acknowledge that every race is to blame for these racial divisions, not just blacks or whites. Treuer’s passage emphasizes the role the American government has played in maintaining this ethnic structure specifically regarding

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