Macbeth And Allen Iverson Character Analysis

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The play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, is a fictional tragedy about a Scottish general named Macbeth, who is a brave soldier and a powerful man, but he is not a virtuous one. Macbeth possesses four qualities of a tragic hero--extraordinary talents(well known to many), suffering a reversal of fortune, recognizing the consequences of their actions, and a tragic flaw which is overconfidence that leads him to downfall. Based on these character traits, Macbeth can be compared and contrasted to Allen Iverson, who is one of the greatest players in NBA. However, Iverson’s imperfection causes him becoming a tragic hero who shares the same characteristics with Macbeth. First of all, both Macbeth and Allen Iverson share multiple similarities that …show more content…
The primary distinction between them is that Macbeth recognizes the consequence of his action, whereas Iverson does not clearly recognize the consequence of his action. After Macbeth killed the king Duncan, he realized that he couldn’t sleep anymore because he felt guilty about himself. The following lines demonstrate that Macbeth couldn’t sleep anymore. In Act 2, Macbeth says, “the innocent sleep, / Sleep that knits up the raveled sleave of care, /The death of each day’s life, sore labor’s bath, / Balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course, / Chief nourisher in life’s feast”(2.2.52-56). This quote is significant because it exhibits that Macbeth’s guilt makes himself feel anxious and worried. Furthermore, it explains Macbeth feel guilt and recognize he is not innocent anymore. Thus, he killed more and more people. He becomes crazy mentally and emotionally. In contrast, Iverson didn’t recognize the consequence of his action. He keeps spending money until he realizes that he is broke. According to an article written by Bomani Jones, “Iverson made over $150 million, according to Now, he 's 36-years-old and can 't even come up with the money to pay for bling he 's too old to wear”(Jones). The quote displays that Iverson hadn’t recognized the consequence of squandering his money. This causes him almost bankrupt. He always finds a way to blow all his cash. There is a vast difference between his previous life and his present life. The reason is because he didn’t recognize the result of spending too much money. In addition, Macbeth and Iverson also differ in suffering a reversal of fortune. In the play, Macbeth’s downfall makes him lose everything, and leads to his death but Allen Iverson still has his fans who always support him. In Act 5, Macbeth’s brutality and crazy mind makes his kingdom fall into disrepair, which also makes him lose

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