Similarities Between Home Burial And Mid-Term Break By Robert Frost

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“Home Burial” by Robert Frost and “Mid-Term Break” by Seamus Heaney are both poems that contain death of a child, pain, and grief. By the title of “Home Burial” it gives us readers an insight that the husband has buried their first-born child, a boy, in the graveyard behind his house. Furthermore, it demonstrates how one tragedy can lead to another. “Mid-Term Break” gives an example of how life can be cheerful at one moment, and when you least expect it life can come to an end. Is the grieving process different when a younger person dies compared to an older person?
“Home Burial” deals with a couple that has lost a baby due to death. The baby was buried by the father in the family graveyard, that is visible from an upstairs window. He watches
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A teenage boy who was the eldest brother attended college, where he was away from home for a long time. On his way home from school during a mid-term break, his expectations of coming home to a perfect family reunion would change forever. His neighbors drove him home “I met my father crying.” (Seamus 4). On that day the teenage boy would soon find out that his younger brother was involved in an accident. He got the chance to see his brother for the first time in six weeks where he describes him as looking paler. This poem focuses on his brother’s death and the pain it brought to his dad and …show more content…
As for the title, you assume that the poem is going to be about a week of going into break after finishing a stressful week of exams. The poem mentions “Counting bells knelling classes to a close.” (Seamus 2). This demonstrates that he was eager to come home after dedicating his time to school. However, at that time he hadn’t heard about the tragic news that occured with his little brother. “Knelling of the bells” represents that someone has passed away. “I saw him for the first time in six weeks” (Seamus 2-3). This can mean that he feels remorse for being away from his brother for so long, and that he would wish he could have been there for him just how other siblings are there for each other. The message of this poem is that anyone can be having an awesome break away from school with no worries without realizing that your life can change when you least expect it because it is not under your

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