Similarities Between France And Madagascar

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France and the colony of Madagascar both developed in different ways, portraying various contrasts between the two areas. The systems explored throughout this essay will be economy and government. Economy can developed through the natural resources of the land and what the culture is. For example, if a land has many beavers and is rich in animals, the economy might be based on fur trade since those are the area’s primary resources it can provide to the inhabitants. Government is referred to the power of the people who are living in the land, and how high in the social hierarchy someone is so that they can help in the overall ruling and function of a land. It can easily change from time to time since there are revolts, or more powerful people …show more content…
More crops were cultivated in order to supplement the existing exports of rice and cassava. When the French arrived and took control, they did wide-scale deforestations as trees are cleared to plant cane, cotton and coffee beans. The French took over the most fertile land and locals work for them in slave-like conditions. Railways were introduced, roads were improved and the overall appeal and look of the cities in Madagascar changed since the French had done some different changes to it.
France and Madagascar’s economy was different, since Madagascar’s economy was based on natural resources coming from their land, which they modified and sold to inhabitants inside their own country. Farming and selling was how most people living in the colony lived. On the other hand, France had a lot of power, so they based on mercantilism and on other colony’s resources to make their profit. France didn’t really use their own resources, but from other colonies that they invaded and colonized in goal of having more power and
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The French Third Republic is the term used to denote the system of government adopted in France from 1870, when the Second French Empire collapsed, until 1940, when France's defeat by Nazi Germany in World War II led to the formation of the so-called Vichy government in France. It came to an end on 10 July 1940. A parliamentary republic is a type of republic that operates under a parliamentary system of government.
In Madagascar, Queen Ranavalona III was ruling over a monarchy in 1883 when the French arrived. The French demanded a protectorate but the Madagascar refused, so the French took their measures and bombarded the cities. Therefore, in 1885, they established a protectorate over Madagascar. Madagascar’s foreign affairs were from now on there to be looked after by France; there is to be a French resident at court; and the region around Diégo-Suarez was to be ceded to France as a useful naval

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