Similarities Between Christianity And Islam Essay

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Christianity and Islam are some of the most well-known religions in the world, and often thought of as completely separate. However, in actuality, they share as many resemblances as they do distinctions. Islam’s beginnings came about before Christianity. Christianity was created after Jesus came to the earth. Thus, Christianity was founded a couple centuries after Abraham formed his family. Christianity is a religion that bases its teachings on the those of Jesus Christ. Whereas, Islam is a faith based on the teachings of Allah revealed through the prophet Muhamad. As previously stated, the most common religions include Islam and Christianity; they have comparable and diverse attributes in regards to lineage, worship, beliefs, and religious figures. Though, at first glance the religions seem quite distinctive, in actuality they have prevalent similarities; this can be contributed to the fact that they originate from the same historical family.
The most well know religions, share a common ancestor. Their ancestry is connected through Abraham. The religions that refer to themselves as “Children of Abraham” by virtue of being his biological or spiritual descendants, this analysis of Abraham’s character as a covenantal partner has great significance” (Landau 57). Those who are descendants of Abraham have great meaning in the eyes of others. All of these religions hold Abraham to a higher standard. People who are seen as offspring of the great holy figure, are thought to be…

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