Similarities Between Charlie And The Chocolate Factory And Edward Scissorhands

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To Be or To Not Be Differnt
Everyone has tried living up to society’s standards at some point, including the person who wrote this sentence, as well as the person who is now reading it. One person that has always lived outside of society's standards is Tim Burton. Burton has shown this in innumerable short films and movies through his character in, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and, Alice in Wonderland. Burton exaggerates the characters' identities to suggest that no one person should have to change who they are to conform to society's standards.
Colors are used in both movies to show how the protagonist characters don’t need to conform to the rest of society. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory bright colors and high-key lighting is used throughout the factory while Mr. Wonka’s clothing is a dark red and violet. The contrast in Mr. Wonka’s factory lighting and the colors of clothing he wears accentuates how Mr. Wonka puts a layer up so the world views him as just another
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Throughout the film Edward Scissorhands, Edward is dragged to a superb utopian town to be put in a more normal life; although to someone who has thought of isolation and lonesomeness as normal fitting in and living up to societies standards can be a problem. Tim Burton uses Edward through the movie to show how people aren’t required to modify who they are to fit in. Burton does this by allowing viewers to notice how Edward gradually starts making friends, and even starts belonging to a family; all while being himself. Doing this makes the viewer figure out that not everyone has to be the same to be a component of society and how no one should be compelled to live their life by society's rules to fit in. Furthermore this suggests that Burton uses Edward to show how society judges people for being themselves, however no one should truly care what others or society

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