Similarities And Prerequisites Of The Industrial Revolution

The modern historical and economic science allocates in history 3 large quantum leaps – three revolutions in productive forces of society and in structures of the society. One of them is industrial revolution led to transition from agrarian society to industrial. All 3 processes happened asynchronously in the various countries and regions however had global character.
The industrial revolution is a system of economic and socio-political changes on the basis of transition from a hand labor to machine, which occurred at a boundary of 18-19 centuries. In the work I want to consider similarities and distinctions between industrial revolutions in Great Britain and the USA. Prerequisites of the 19th century in economic history of the world are
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First, it is new system of the political power which provided access to public administration to representatives of the capital that allowed to direct economic policy of the state to creation of the conditions necessary for further development of capitalist forms of managing.
2. In England spontaneous labor movement, which was directed to destruction of cars, breaks out. It covers the whole textile areas that the government is forced to issue laws at which for destruction of the car capital punishment was established. In any other countries disliking of the population did not reach such level.
3. England first-ever follows a way of the factory legislation as a result of industrial revolution.
4. And one of the most important features of an industrial revolution in Great Britain is its economic recovery. After the industrial revolution in England there is a quick capitalist industry.
The industrial revolution in the USA began in the first decade of the 19th century. In the northeast of the country he generally repeated classical English model and came to the end by 1860 with the statement of factory type of production in the leading branches of economy.
Let's mark out the main features of an industrial revolution in the
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Both extreme territorial and branch unevenness was feature of an industrial revolution in the USA. First of all, the revolution captured northeast states; at the same time in the south even by the beginning of Civil war there were no factories and the plants that could not but exert impacts on its outcome.
It is less common features of two industrial revolutions, in comparison with amount of their features and differences, but they still have.
1. The introduction in a machine stage. Both Great Britain, and the USA chose this way, inclining to one general model.
2. Social consequences of an industrial revolution in the USA and Great Britain can be considered many new jobs thanks to the developing industry and the serving sector. In general, as a result of an industrial revolution the level of living of the people of these countries rose.
In the conclusion, I want to tell that, industrial revolution – one of the major phenomena in the history of a human civilization which allowed the different countries to enter a strip of really rapid and progressive development of productive forces that led to end of the long period of an economic obsolescence. The industrial revolution marks emergence of the large cities, emergence of new classes and social groups, serious changes in spiritual life of society and a political system, and also mass using of

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