Turning Point Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was a major turning point in human history, changing every aspect of human life through technology. It was the change from a handicraft economy to one directed by machinery and factories. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, people owned whatever they manufactured by hand, and produced the bulk of their own food, clothing, and other items. However, there was a sudden surge of energy which replaced manual labor with mechanical work, which raised the standard of living for upper and middle classes.
By the mid-18th century, population growth and increasing foreign trade created a greater demand for manufactured goods. Mass production was achieved by replacing water and animal power with steam power, and by the invention of new machinery and technology. Among other innovations, the introduction of steam power was a jumpstart to the Industrial Revolution. James Watt’s improvements to the steam engine were crucial for industrial production. Machinery could now function much faster, without much human power. Coal became a key factor in the success of industrialization as well; it was used to produce the steam power on which industry depended. Improvements in mining technology ensured that more coal could be found to power the
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Beginning in Britain in 1750, technological innovations and inventions spawned the growth of large machine-production factories and economic specialization. This revolution soon spread throughout Europe and the United States and had a multitude of effects upon each individual nation. The shift in technology replaced manual labor with mechanical labor, resulting in benefits that would motivate the world. The Industrial Revolution led to more efficient mass production, cheaper prices, a major increase in job opportunities, and overall, an improved quality of

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