Isolation In Samuel Beckett's Waiting For Godot

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They say opposites attract, Yin and Yang, light and dark, day and night. But sometimes opposite contradict. With thousands of books out there being published everyday there are those that might be different but have significant similarities or even those that have similarities and significant difference, however there are also books out there that have no similarities and yet contradict. In Henry David Thoreau’s biography about his walden experiment we learned about the importance of simplicity, being the different drummer, and most important of all to live life deliberately. Yet there are books out there that might be completely different and most important they have a opposite message. In Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for godot we learn about two men who waste all their time waiting for this “Godot” without actually knowing anything about him …show more content…
Through the play we learned about both vladimir and estragón and despite they 're together they can 't help but feel alone, the same can be said about Walden. In Walden despite sometimes having some type of visitor Thoreau would be all alone for miles in the woods making it a great comparison. Another comparison between the two can 't be within a small piece of the book, but rather the whole book itself. After doing extended research I was able to find that Thoreau had a brother who passed away before his Walden experiment. The death of the family can lead to many paths, Thoreau with the death of his brother and Beckett with the death of his father. When comparing both deaths one can examine how they were affected, while on the woods Thoreau was able to reflect upon the death of his brother, how a person could kill himself by accidentally cutting themselves while shaving. Meanwhile Beckett was Put in treatment after the death of his father. A common tragedy lead to a form art to be

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