The Great Gatsby And The Scarlett Letter

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The Great Gatsby and The Scarlett Letter have a few differences and similarities. These novels are based on American history. Both novels portray betrayal, misunderstandings, and judgment. All very similar things, but they each have a huge impact through both stories. As the each story progresses the conflicts become very serious. As this will be further explained throughout the following reading.
To give a small summary of each story, the Great Gatsby is a novel based on a rich man named Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is a man who wasn’t born wealthy and who was born by the name James Gatz, but he decided to change his lifestyle. Eventually becoming rich through selling bootleg liquor he became a millionaire. There is a neighbor of his named Nick, whom
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This woman was falling deeply in love with the minister Arthur Dimmesdale. They couldn’t be together because of the people of the village as well as her being married. They had sexual relations and Hester got pregnant. Since her husband was presumed as dead and no one knew of the relationship with the minister they assumed she was being an adultery. The people of the village made her wear the letter A as punishment so everyone would know of her adultery. The Scarlet Letter shows betrayal towards the people of the village and also Hester’s husband because of her having a child with another man. People were making assumptions of Hester that were false without knowing what really happened, the minister never stepped up for her, nor helped her and due to this she was put through suffering. They misinterpreted Hester the way they wanted it’s quite sad that society today is still this way. Everyone makes mistakes, even though Hester and the minister did go against their puritan society, they have the right to do what they want with their lives. The people misunderstood this and through that they hurt Hester by putting her through this agony of being judged. They also put her daughter Pearl through this because they saw her as a devil child, when she had no fault in any of it. Therefore, I strongly believe in not making assumptions about others through …show more content…
The Great Gatsby and the Scarlett Letter give great messages because many people misjudge others without actually getting to know them. There are many things that can affect someone’s life even if it’s the smallest things. Falsely accusing someone about something that isn’t true can affect them because they begin to feel bad about themselves and it puts them in a really bad state. These books are highly recommended because our society is full of people who are getting bullied and it’s terrible to see. These books show that there can be negative outcomes to any misunderstanding or judgment

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