Similarities And Differences Between The Great Gatsby And Midnight In Paris

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Nowadays a popular book is often directed into a movie. Since it is based off the book, fans hope they stick to the story. As dedicated fans, they find every slight variance of the book. On the other hand, what if the movie wasn’t based off the book? If so, one would think comparing a movie made in 2011 to a book published in 1925 as a challenge. Yet, Fitzgerald’s book The Great Gatsby does in fact have similarities, along with differences to the movie Midnight in Paris.
Even though Gil and Gatsby have the same physical traits such as blonde hair and blue eyes, and the fact the storyline revolves around them, they almost have the exact same personality. They both seem to be a bit antisocial and on the outside. Gatsby was always pleasant
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After Paul’s wife commented on how smart he was and followed to spew off facts, I knew his character would be like Tom. In the Midnight in Paris movie Paul took his wife, Gil, and Inez to a art museum. Here Tom went off telling facts and had the guts to tell their guide she was wrong. In fact, Paul did give incorrect facts but still his wife and Inez praise him for being so bright. Tom in The Great Gatsby had been praised by Daisy for being so smart. Tom claimed he was so knowledgeable from reading books, on the contrary he was exemplifying pure ignorance when he claimed the black population was going to overthrow the white population if they don 't do anything about it. A miniscule comparison that was evident to the viewers, was the fact that they both fancied drinking and tended to offer people drinks. That aside, both Tom and Paul also got involved with other …show more content…
Of course the main theme of both the movie and the book is the 1920’s. Fitzgerald writes the book in this particular time period, thus other themes are drinking, dancing and partying. All Gil wants to do is go back to the 1920’s, hence a lot of partying, drinking and dancing is seen in the movie. Additionally these two mediums focus on love, relationships, and cheating. As viewers, we know Tom has cheated a many times on Daisy. In the movie, Gil cheats on Inez with Adrianna and Inez does the same thing with Paul. Writing is another big theme the movie and book have in common. As Nick, Gil writes about subjects relevant to his life. However, Gil’s writing is made more fictional than Nick who documented events in his

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