Silver Vs. Gold Argument

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-Discuss the silver vs. gold argument, listing at least one argument for silver and one argument for gold.

The issue of silver currency during the late 1800’s became a splitting crisis. To battle against inflation, gold was the best currency to use, and many from the upper class supported this. However, substantial amounts of lower class people supported the use of silver as well as gold to sustain the currency. Silver was being mined in mass amounts, and the working class wanted silver to be brought in the currency, resulting in the decreased value of the dollar. The main reason for this was the working class’ debt. The debtors wanted the dollar deflated, giving way to cheaper credit. The lenders wanted the dollar to stay backed by
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history has ever seen so many immigrants flood into prospering America. Roughly 14.5 million people entered the U.S. in the early 20th century for the main reason of work. These people primarily worked in the factories, making such prosperity possible. However, immigrants were not socially accepted by Americans, which caused labor dissentions for many working citizens. Because there were so many foreign workers, Americans felt as if they were losing job opportunities to the immigrants. Issues such as these led up to some severe immigration reform, even to the point of banning immigration from China, and creating rules to discourage immigration from other countries. Some these similar issues can be seen today. Calls for immigration reform are heard often, as they were early in the 1900’s. The fear that immigrants will not blend into the society is shared between the present and past generation. These arguments over immigration have been around for many years, typically over similar issues. However, issues of this sort were pretty new, regarding the first time massive amounts of people flooded the U.S. early last …show more content…
However, their main reason for doing so was based out of an imperialistic motive, one which the United States did not share. So when the U.S. started expanding its own domain in the back half of the 1800’s, it was out of political and economic necessity. Goods were in oversupply and new markets were needed to sell them. As a result of the Spanish-American War, the United States inherited control over several colonies and islands in the Caribbean, as well as the Philippine Islands. The purchase of Alaska turned out to also be a rewarding decision, which appeased several concerns while also sustaining the American economy in crucial ways. Gaining the control over Hawaii was also a rewarding and strategic decision. Hawaii was essentially the halfway point to Asia and served as a large hub for trade between continents. This strategic treaty helped relieve the supply and demand issues the American economy was having by attaining venues to export goods. Cause for expansion embodied the issues of oversupply of goods and territorial exclusion of other countries, while still maintaining anti imperialist

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