Silver Linings Playbook Character Analysis

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The movie Silver Linings Playbook, by David O. Russel, characterizes two main characters, Patrick Solitano Jr. and Tiffany Maxwell, who both struggle with psychological disorders. Patrick, at one-time was a high school teacher, had caught his wife (Nikki) with another man, who was the history teacher, making him very violent and distressed. He then went crazy on the gym teacher and had to spend eight months in a psychiatric hospital, and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. On the other hand, we have Tiffany, who is depressed and have borderline personality disorder due to a car accident that killed her husband. Bipolar disorder, also called manic depression, is a disorder that causes abnormal changes is someone's mood, energy, activity levels, and much more. Behavior that's known as manic episodes, depressive episodes, and sometimes hypomanic episodes. Manic episodes cause people to be more active than usual with a lot of energy, have trouble …show more content…
It's found that genetic and environmental influences are a cause of this condition. Traumatic events, emotional abuse, and a family history may also be factors that play a role in this disorder. Individuals suffer from signs and symptoms like intense anger problems, self-harming behavior, and difficulty trusting. Individuals who suffer from those either have experienced traumatic events, abandonment, unstable relationships, and are highly at risk. To determine the diagnosis, its best to discuss the symptoms and signs the individual is having. Even determining if they may have any other occurrence with other illnesses. Treatment for this this disorder relates well with bipolar disorder. Medications and psychotherapy are the best choices for treatment. Living with BPD could almost feel like everything's impossible. And treatment is the best way to

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