Silver Linings Playbook Character Analysis Essay

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Personality Case Study of Pat from Silver Linings Playbook
Alanna Sampson
Yorkville University

Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to analyze a character named Pat Solitano from the movie Silver Linings Playbook. A synopsis of Silver Linings Playbook will be provided in the introduction. Further, Pat will be discussed from psychoanalytic perspective. Finally, strengths and weaknesses of the psychoanalytic perspective will be discussed in relation to the study of Pat’s personality.

Key Terminology: psychoanalytic, personality, behaviour
Silver linings playbook is a poignant film about mental illness. Its main character is Pat Solitano who is a former substitute teacher at a High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The film opens with a monologue by Pat during the end of his eight-month stay at Karl Psychiatric Facility in Baltimore, Philadephia. During his stay at the psychiatric facility, Pat is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and he admits that he has a history of delusional thoughts and frequent mood swings. On a plea bargain, he was placed in the psychiatry institution after an extremely violent
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Without mania, it would be Depressive Disorder (DSM-V, American Psychiatric Association, 2013). At various points during the movie, Pat appears excessively positive and possibly manic. According to Freud, “patients were better able to verbalize psychodynamically relevant information when (paradoxically) they relaxed their efforts to recall unconscious material directly, and simply spoke about whatever thoughts, feelings, or ideas happened to enter their mind at the moment” (Erwin, 2002). During times of mania, Pat appears more delusional. It is during his best moments with Tiffany as they practice their dance when he appears to have the most clarity and be the most

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