Significance Of Fault Detection And Isolation System Essay

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Significance of Fault Detection and Isolation System
Vehicular technology has improved our lives and has made it easier and comfortable. Automobiles carry an important place in everybody 's life. There are many benefits and drawbacks of vehicles. The top most benefit is that it has reduced the travel time and one can reach to his destination in a blink of an eye. The drawbacks include its smoke creating air pollution and horn creating noise pollution. In future, the car technology would get more advanced and may produce flying cars that would be more useful for the people. These flying cars may overcome the technology of the airplanes and make the life of common people more easier and comfortable.
Looking into the advancement of vehicular technology, day by day, the maintenance of the vehicle is becoming increasingly difficult because of the scarcity of skilled mechanic all over the world. Automobile engine is a complex system and sometimes the problems can be a bit tricky to diagnose. To diagnose the problem correctly, lots of knowledge and experience is needed. Engine problems are caused primarily by improper maintenance or fatigue caused by normal wear and tear and also worn out or clogged vehicle parts. Worn out parts may cause overheating of the engine, engine surging and other problems. When the problem arises and it’s not properly diagnosed and repaired in time then it may create some other severe problems and ultimately the engine may come to a halt. Therefore,…

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