Significance And Significance Of The Burning Bush

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The burning bush is still significant to modern christians and any other group that is filled with awe at the wonders of the LORD.It is significant in the sense that it marks the call of Moses by God.
The burning bush is the beginning of the liberation of Isrealites and mankind.
The burning bush is very important because it is the watershed of our salvation from sin which we went into when Adam and Eve sinned.
The burning bush is very significant for God revealing himself to Moses,to the Isrealites and the whole of mankind.
The burning bush incident really lights more fire in the light of our faith in God.It strengthens our faith and belief in God.
It reveals how The kingdom of God and heaven is very powerful to reckon with.
The shows the miraculous nature of God.
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The bush which was not burning shows the miraculous power of God.God is full of miraculous power even now.The fire was burning but the bush was not burning.
Fire is a significant aspect in God’s nature.Fire suggests that God is holy and before anybody reaches him he must first be purified.
Moses is told to remove his sandals when he gets closer to the fire.
Fire is also a sign of power.Fire is power.Therefore this fire shows the powerful nature of God.Wherever he goes,there is fire and smoke.Even when he appeared on mount Sinai the whole mountain was covered in smoke.Whenever the Isrealites were travelling at night in the desert,the fire in a cloud was always accompanying them revealing the presence,power and protection of

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