Sigmund Freud 's Theory Of Psychological Disorders Essay

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Psychoanalysis Paper
Psychoanalysis was the beginning of the practice of psychological therapies. The theory was founded and developed by Sigmund Freud, who believed that people could be successfully be treated for psychological disorders by making their unconscious thoughts and motivations conscious.
According to David Myers (2014) “Freud’s therapy aimed to bring a patient’s repressed or disowned feelings into conscious awareness. Psychoanalysis is historical reconstruction. The psychoanalytic theory emphasizes the formative power of childhood experiences and their ability to mold the adult.” (p. 653).
Psychoanalysis is not only a theory, but it is also a therapeutic approach. Sigmund Freud deemed hypnosis as an unreliable tool for uprooting hidden thoughts and developed the free associations method. This method would have the psychoanalyst position themselves out of the line of sight of the client. To relax the client, the client would lay down on a couch. The client then begins to speak what’s on their mind. As the client speaks, the analyst listens attentively noting the free associations provided by the client. Perhaps the client may allude to a childhood experience or a recent experience.
As the analyst listens and takes notes, they look for patterns or significant events that signal resistance. The resistance is noted, and then the analyst provides insight that is referred to as interpretation. From the analyst interpretation, an explanation is given for…

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