Sigmund Freud 's Psychosexual Theory Essay

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Theory Paper: Freud’s Psychosexual Theory

Freud’s Psychosexual theory states the our minds contain three “ levels,” the id, ego, and superego . He states that they are all represented in different states of being. The id is not realized since it lies below the conscience surface, it is what we gain from ancestors and is what he thinks to be very primitive and is solely propelled by sexual, and aggressive behaviors. The ego, is a person 's personality, its only job is to make sure the id is completely satisfied, by finding ways we can achieve complete contentment . Finally, the superego is where we house our morals, it is where our conscience tells us what is unethical, what is right and wrong, and what we are able to do to fed our id, without “causing trouble”. Sigmund believes that all of these components of a person are constantly working with and against each other so that we have what we need and get most of what we want. Freud also states that we are born with id, and then we develop ego and superego in different stages, there are five stages in his theory; Oral, from birth to 2 years of age, is when a child is constantly looking for gratification by putting things in their mouth, making noises, and drooling. Anal is reached from age 2 to 3, and the child seeks gratification at this age with potty training,they also are fitting into the standards of being potty trained, and clean. The Phallic stage , age 3 to 7, is the child 's unconscious sexual attraction to their…

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