Sigmund Freud 's Philosophy Of Psychosexual Stages And Development

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After much reading and re-exploring the various theories one person remained constant for this application, Sigmund Freud.
Being a fan of Carl Jung and finding disappointment in Freud for ending their friendship due to differences of theory. Then, the uncomfortableness of Freud’s thoughts about the psychosexual stages of children gave cause for rethinking possible biasing due to personal experiences. Therefore, the query within is: How can a professional of the MIND, personality, and behavior ignore a child’s cry: Then, explain away the possibilities of said abuse, freeing the perpetrators, and jailing the victim for such thoughts or accusations?
A most unfortunate time for Jung, that Freud would discredit his expansion of human behavior and personality (Friedman & Schustack, 2012). Common knowledge is that all theoretical arguments build upon one another, then expand according to the theorist’s perception, culture, personal and professional experiences, and academics knowledge (e.g.). And-while, Freud’s philosophy of psychosexual stages and development are Law: Respectfully, one might suggest there was a cover-up for the heinous crimes committed against children, found in Freud’s Seduction Theory, recalled Masson (2008).
There were many cases of adults suffering with neuroses complaining of child sex abuse, as well as children. In addition to Freud being aware of these possibilities as he would privately visit a morgue in some child death cases, yet, he refused to make…

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