Definition By Sigmund Freud: Can Dreams Predict The Future?

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The Psychology of Dreams As defined by Sigmund Freud, dreams are the manifestations of urges and desires that we keep suppressed in the realm of our subconscious. Everyone dreams; some people dream every night, others once or twice a month, but everyone dreams. To some people there will always be a fascination with dreams and why we have them. How do we take what we do in our every day lives and turn them into something make-believe, which could be both magical and horrifying, when we sleep? What does it mean when we dream the same dream over and over? Can dreams predict the future? There are many questions and theories pertaining to the interpretation of dreams that help people better understand what their dreams mean.
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Usually people do not know either because they do not remember their dreams or because they are not blind, so color is a natural part of their every day lives. Blind people dream too, but their dreams are not always the same as people who can see. People who have once been able to see have reported that they dream as though they can still see. Studies have shown that people who have been blind since birth typically do not dream visually but they have auditory dreams. Also, some have reported that since they have no visual senses, other senses are heighted while they dream. For examples, some blind people have said their dreams can provoke tastes and smells. Even though scientist continually debate over the topic of ‘do dreams have meaning,’ most people who try to interpret their dreams find that their dreams have some kind of meaning to them. Dreams can help people learn about themselves, their feelings, thoughts, values, and wishes. Some people find that their dreams can help them solve their problem or help them make decisions about their lives. Also, artist and writers have said that they get most of their creative ideas from their …show more content…
Dreams can be confusing and normally they do not come out and show you exactly what they mean. The most important thing to remember when wanting to interpret a dream is to think of your own deep thoughts and feelings. Dreams are personal so everything you dream you have seen before, thought of, or already know. Many different books have been written that connect symbols in your dreams to meanings in your daily lives. For some these books may be helpful, but a symbol in one persons dream can mean something completely different to someone else. For example, a dinosaur can mean one thing to an archeologist in his dream but it would mean something completely different to someone who recently watched Jurassic

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